Is Survey Junkie A Waste of Time?

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular and reliable paid survey sites around. But is Survey Junkie a waste of time? Having used it extensively our view at Hustle Boffin is that Survey Junkie is not a waste of time at all. In this post we’ll delve into exactly why we believe this to be the case.

Is Survey Junkie A Waste of Time?

Based on our experience we believe Survey Junkie is a good use of spare time. The fact is no one should ever expect to replace their full-time income or anything close by completing surveys. Survey Junkie is no different in this regard.

However, if you have some spare time and are looking to make it productive then Survey Junkie is a great choice.

With every survey completed you earn points which represent cash that can be cashed out via PayPal.

In instances where you start a survey but are screened out you still receive some points for the time expended.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons for Survey Junkie to see whether or not it is worth your time.


Low Minimum Payout

Unlike a lot of other survey sites, Survey Junkie pays out at only $5 (£5) which means you’re not waiting too long to assure yourself that the process works.

The points system work out to around 1 point = $0.01 (£0.01). Survey rewards vary, typically from around 10 points to 50 points. The longer the survey the higher the rewards.

Reasonable Pay Level

Considering all your doing is answering questions providing your opinion the pay level for Survey Junkie is pretty good.

Based on our experience, you can typically expect to earn around $1.50 to $3 per hour depending on survey length on Survey Junkie.

Though in isolation when compared to a job this may not seem a lot of money, you have to consider that survey sites are not meant to replace a full time income. If you see Survey Junkie for what it is – a casual opportunity to earn additional cash on the side – then suddenly $3 an hour sounds pretty good.

Rewards Are Clear

A feature we really like about Survey Junkie is the fact that they clearly display how long they expect a survey to take and how many points you can expect to earn from each one.

Easy To Register

A major bonus for using Survey Junkie from our own experience is that it’s pretty ease to sign up and get started.

After signing up, you just have to answer a few basic questions to fill out your profile.

Trusted With Lots of Positive Reviews

When picking a paid survey provider online you want to make sure that your going with a highly reputable company with lots of user reviews. Survey Junkie has impressive 42,000 + reviews at the time of writing and is rated at 4.3 out 5 stars.

Like any service, there are some negative reviews with some complaining about not qualifying for surveys after starting and being screened out of too many surveys.

On the whole however, the reviews are largely positive which is impressive given the sheer number of reviews.

A Good Way To Pass The Time

Survey Junkie is a very useful way to pass the time in a productive manner. If you’re looking for an interesting way to occupy your online time that doesn’t just involve you mindlessly consuming social media content then something like Survey Junkie is a great option.

You get to provide your opinions on various topics and get paid for it.

It’s particularly useful if you have spare time commuting to and from work or if you have idle time. I recently filled out a few surveys whilst waiting in line at airport security.

Survey Junkie is easily something you could do whilst mindlessly watching tv in the evenings.


Let’s take a look at some of the potential downsides of using Survey Junkie.

Can Be Tedious

One potential downside of using Survey Junkie as like any other paid survey site is that it can be tedious especially if you keep encountering surveys you don’t qualify for.

Each survey will have a certain type of profile of participant they are after. If you do not meet their criteria after filling out their screening questions you’ll get taken back to the main survey dashboard. Fortunately, though you’ll still be awarded 2 or 3 points to your balance for your trouble.

Some Surveys Can Lengthy

The length of a survey is not necessarily a bad thing as

Conclusion: Is Survey Junkie A Waste of Time

So, is Survey Junkie a waste of time? Survey Junkie is most definitely not a waste of time.

Whilst it won’t allow you to quit your day job, Survey Junkie is a good a use of spare time and pays relatively well given the simplicity of the tasks you actually need to complete.

There are plenty of ways to waste your time online that pay you absolutely nothing. Survey Junkie will at least pay you for the time you spend online so it’s definitely worth trying if you do have some time.

How To Get Started With Survey Junkie

Getting started with Survey Junkie is simple, you can sign up below to get started with your first surveys.